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We are excited to announce that Coffs Coast Nutrition is now the proud owner of an AlterG anti-gravity treadmill (photo coming soon). This is NOT your typical treadmill. 

The AlterG can be utilised by both athletes & non-athletes:

Athletes - recovery from injury or surgery, & improvement of cardiovascular fitness & sporting performance.

Rehabilitation - lower back pain, foot & ankle pain, shin pain, thigh pain, hip pain, arthritis, recovery from surgery, neuromuscular and proprioreceptive re-training for people with neurological conditions such as stroke or Parkinson's

About the AlterG:

The AlterG anti-gravity treadmill uses NASA technology to reduce loading during walking and running. This equipment uses differential air pressure to reduce percentage of body weight, enabling pain free walking or running at anywhere from 20% to 100% bodyweight.

It enables the user to maintain and improve fitness, while also ensuring a safe, quick return from injury.

High intensity interval sessions can be carried out by athletes in order to improve sporting performance without the jarring that is associated with running on the road.

There is no comparison between deep water running and the AlterG.  Some of the benefits of using the AlterG over deep water running include:

Teaches athletes to run at a faster pace than normal, therefore potentially enhancing performance

Reinforces correct walking & running form

Uses the same leg speed as running on land, whereas water running uses a much slower turnover

Exercise in an air conditioned environment, while watching TV or a DVD or listening to music

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We are offering a free 20-30 minute session, if you’d like to try the AlterG.  Give Col a call on 0428 528 333 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions or if you’d like to arrange a time that suits.   

Quote from Matt Fitzgerald (below) – an award-winning endurance sports journalist and the bestselling author of more than twenty books on running, fitness, nutrition, and weight loss, including Brain Training for Runners and Racing Weight. His byline appears regularly in national publications, including Men's Journal and Outside.

The Alter-G antigravity treadmill is, in my opinion, the single most important running-related invention in history. It is a normal treadmill with a tent-like enclosure attached to it. The user steps through a hole at the top of the enclosure and seals himself in around the waist, creating an airtight seal. The chamber is then pressurized, and this high-pressure zone effectively reduces the force of gravity within it. The amount of pressure is adjustable, enabling the user to run at anywhere between 20 percent and 100 percent of his actual body weight.

I have had every type of running overuse injury that exists, and I have used the Alter-G treadmill several times. Based on this experience I can say that runners can train through any injury--pain free and without setting back the healing process--on this machine. What's more, it is not an alternative to running; it is running. Therefore it is superior to every form of cross-training in terms of building and maintaining running fitness.

Case in point: The formerly often-injured runner Dathan Ritzenhein trained exclusively on an Alter-G for several weeks while nursing an IT band injury. He was only ready to return to regular outdoor running two weeks before the 2008 USA Cross-Country Championships. Nevertheless, he won the race easily. That simply would not have been possible had he been forced to resort to pool running or bicycling.

The downside of the Alter-G antigravity treadmill is that only a handful of units are accessible for injured runners to use in high-end physical therapy facilities.

What other fitness options are available at Coffs Coast Nutrition?

If you want to get leaner, fitter & stronger  without being judged or intimidated, then we have the solution!  We know how to motivate you & make exercise fun, so why not give us a try - you'll be pleasantly surprised!  

Our friendly trainers offer one-on-one fitness training & small group exercise sessions, seven days per week. You can either use our fully equipped, air conditioned gym or participate in outdoor sessions. This service is great value for money & is the perfect addition to our nutrition & health coaching services, however we are more than happy for you to attend the gym or participate in personal training or small group sessions without arranging a nutrition consultation. 

We offer the following options seven days per week, on a pay-as-you-go basis: 

  • 30-60 minute one-on-one personal training
  • 30-60 minute personal training for you & a friend
  • 30-60 minute small group exercise sessions 

We offer the following options seven days per week, on a package basis:  

  • package of 10 x 30-60 minute one-on-one personal training sessions 
  • package of 10 x 30-60 minute personal training sessions for you & a friend

We offer the following personal training & nutrition package:   

  • 1 x 50-60 minute initial nutrition assessment 
  • 10 x one-on-one personal training sessions
  • 1 x individualised meal plan *

*  Our meal plans are copyright to Coffs Coast Nutrition, so you will be asked to sign a copyright form.

Our team consists of:

  • Personal Trainers & Gym Instructors
  • Accredited Sports Dietitian
  • Accredited Nutritionists
  • Health & Wellness Coaches

Col is a Personal Trainer & Gym Instructor with Cert 111 & 1V in Fitness. He has also completed a Level 1 Triathlon Coaching Course & is registered with Fitness Australia. Col has competed in triathlons for some years, in distances ranging from sprint to Ironman. He has also participated in adventure racing, fun runs, marathons, mountain bike riding & rogaining. Col enjoys helping people of varying abilities & fitness levels & has a great way of enabling them enjoy exercise & get the most out of each session without feeling intimidated or judged.   

Louise is a Personal Trainer with Cert 111 & 1V in Fitness. She has also completed a Level 1 Triathlon Training Coaching Course & Level 2 Coaching Principles Course through the NSW Academy of Sport, & is registered with Fitness Australia. Prior to injury, Louise successfully competed in triathlons for a number of years. She is also an Accredited Sports Dietitian, Accredited Nutritionist, APD & Health Coach. Louise has a Master of Science degree & has studied sports nutrition with Dr Louise Burke from the Australian Institute of Sport.

Brooke has a background in physical fitness & health, & is experienced in managing a variety of exercise & fitness programs. Brooke is a qualified personal trainer with additional university qualifications in Human Movement. 

So don't wait, call us now on (02) 6652 7529 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 






































































































































































































































































10 Reasons to choose Coffs Coast Nutrition

1. Personalised advice tailored to YOU.

2. Heaps of support & motivation.

3. Nutrition advice: in person / phone / email.

4. Health & wellness programs.  

5. Experts in IBS & the low FODMAP diet.

6. Nutrition therapy for medical conditions.

7. Sports nutrition for optimal performance. 

8. Fitness training for all fitness levels.

9. Private studio gym. 

10. Medicare & health fund rebates.