Our regular programs include: 

1.  "Absolute Wellness"  

2.  "Weight No More"  

3.  "Personal Training" package OR "Personal Training & Nutrition" package  

4.  "Managing IBS"

Other options: 

  • individual assessment, followed by review visits (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) 
  • face-to-face, phone or email consultations 

3 easy steps (if you'd like to take advantage of one...

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Sports Nutrition

Individualized nutrition advice is fundamental to optimal sporting performance. Making some simple nutritional changes can greatly enhance an athlete's ability to train hard and recover, which in turn translates into improved sporting performance. This is especially true with endurance athletes. So if you're serious about your sport come and see us...

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Personal Training



We are excited to announce that Coffs Coast Nutrition is now the proud owner of an AlterG anti-gravity treadmill. 

This is a revolutionary medical rehabilitation treadmill, which is NOT in any way similar to a typical treadmill. The AlterG uses differential...

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Nutrition Assessment

Are you worried that your diet may lack the nutrients you need for optimum health?    

If so, you could benefit from our computerised nutrition assessment (available in person & via email). 

3 easy steps:

  1. Simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (or phone 02 6652 7529) to let us know that you're interested...

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Medical Conditions

We provide Medical Nutrition Therapy to assist with:

  • weight management - overweight & underweight 
  • thyroid conditions - underactive & overactive thyroid (Louise)
  • gastric banding / sleeve gastrectomy / bypass surgery (Louise)
  • inflammatory conditions such as arthritis
  • dysbiosis & the link with various conditions such as IBS, autoimmune disorders (Louise)
  • diabetes, pre-diabetes & insulin...

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IBS and Food Intolerances

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a chronic intestinal motility disorder which can affect up to 11% of the population. Symptoms may include bloating, wind, abdominal pain, nausea, reflux and alteration in bowel habits.  

It can be difficult to work out which particular foods are contributing to your symptoms, without the...

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Children's Nutrition

Children have unique nutritional needs due to the fact that they must meet their requirements for daily activity, as well as the special needs for growth & development. It is important for children to receive all the nutrients they need in order to ensure that they grow & develop normally....

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Phone, video / Zoom and email consults

Coffs Coast Nutrition offers the following consultation options:

  • face-to-face 
  • phone 
  • video (eg Zoom) 
  • email 
  • home visits
  • combination (eg initial face-to-face consult, followed by email &/or phone review &/or Zoom consults)

Home visits are available in the Coffs Harbour, Sawtell, Nambucca, Macksville & Woolgoolga areas for an additional fee. There is no charge for...

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COVID-19 (coronavirus)

The nutrition consultations provided by the dietitians at Coffs Coast Nutrition are regarded as an essential service by the Australian Government.

Coffs Coast Nutrition is currently offering the additional option of telehealth consultations, during the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation. We are finding that phone and video / Zoom consultations have...

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Services Information

Expert nutrition advice:

- irritable bowel syndrome / IBS

- food intolerances / low FODMAP diet

- RPAH diet / Failsafe diet

- gut health& the link with chronic illness 

- diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, wind

- reflux & nausea

- coeliac disease / gluten-free

- weight management

- bariatric surgery (pre & post operative)

- thyroid conditions

- anti-inflammatory nutrition

- heart health / diabetes / insulin resistance

- sports nutrition


- health & wellness

- weight management

- personal training & nutrition

Personal training:

- one-on-one

- bring a partner

- small group sessions

- studio gym or outdoor sessions



10 Reasons to choose Coffs Coast Nutrition

1. Personalised advice tailored to YOU.

2. Heaps of support & motivation.

3. Nutrition advice: in person / phone / email.

4. Health & wellness programs.  

5. Experts in IBS & the low FODMAP diet.

6. Nutrition therapy for medical conditions.

7. Sports nutrition for optimal performance. 

8. Personal training for all fitness levels.

9. Private studio gym & outdoor sessions. 

10. Medicare & health fund rebates.