Dear Louise,

This letter is to express my deep appreciation and thanks for your assistance over the months you have been working with me to improve my health and fitness.

Looking back over this time I very much appreciate that I have had such a professional, dedicated and committed person assist me in moving forward to achieve my goals.

You have inspired me with my quest for better health and I am thankful to have such a qualified, knowledgeable and experienced person assisting me to achieve a more fulfilling and healthy lifestyle.

Since I have known you my life has altered in a very positive way and I would like to thank you so much for all you have done.

Karen Naughton


I listened and did all that was asked of me. I have energy to burn. My weight suddenly began to drop, I was 89 kilo and now I'm 81 kilo, hello 75 kilo. Losing weight is easier than you think.

John Poche


I, like many other people, have struggled with my weight all my life. I am so thankful for the guidance, encouragement and support which have helped me lose 36kg. 

Toni Saunders


 After many years trying to lose weight to improve my health, I made the phone call that was to change my thinking. When I called I spoke with Brooke who has such a positive manner and answered all my questions and made an appointment for me. At the end of that call I knew I had done the right thing.

I had made up my mind to be fully committed and to work hard during the process because if it didn’t work at least I knew I had given it my best. I always came away feeling inspired to put in the hard yards and look forward to the next visit.

I now think nothing of walking long distances at a much faster pace and in all weather, and I really enjoy it. During the summer months I also swim most days.

For the first time in many years and at 68 I feel healthy and strong and have reached my goal weight losing 30% of my body weight. I realise now that it is possible with a positive attitude and persistence and with support. 

Margaret Lill


I have been using Colin's PT services now for 4 months, I am working on developing core strength after major weight loss. I have learnt I can push myself harder than I ever knew. His programs are designed to my specific needs/wants.

I am developing a healthy attitude to working out and exercise with his help!

I now look forward to my weekly session.

Sonia Buckley


After a couple of years of seemingly continuous running based injuries (seemed like old age was catching up!)I had all but given up any idea of continuing my triathlon career. I'm an every day athlete, and I've completed a lot of extreme endurance events from ironman triathlons to multi day adventure races, but was now resigned to watching from the sidelines. Then my coach Andrew Rowlings suggested trying the alter G. This machine is amazing. It has allowed me to continue running with normal gait and stride, but under vastly reduced load which means no injuries! I would highly recommend using the alter G for anyone either coming back from injury, managing chronic injury or even for those looking to reduce the risk of injury for their speed sessions. It would also be perfect for those looking to begin a limited exercise regime in order to improve their level of fitness or just to get healthy. Col is super helpful and the facilities are great. Thanks guys.

Glenn George




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