• Weight management - bariatric surgery - thyroid conditions
    Weight management - bariatric surgery - thyroid conditions

    Customised meal plans & weight management programs to suit your individual requirements.

  • Health & wellness programs
    Health & wellness programs

    Gain control over your health & feel happier & more energised  

  • Medical conditions
    Medical conditions

    Insulin resistance, diabetes, heart health, inflammatory conditions, gastrointestinal issues, gut health, food intolerances & more.

  • Sports nutrition & personal training
    Sports nutrition & personal training

    Build stamina, improve muscle tone & fitness without the need for expensive gym memberships

  • Experts in the treatment of IBS & gut issues
    Experts in the treatment of IBS & gut issues

    Diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, wind, abdominal pain, reflux, nausea.

  • AlterG

    Uses differential air pressure technology to enable walking & running without pain.

Coffs Coast Nutrition provides a unique nutrition, health & fitness service. Our team consists of university qualified Nutritionists, Dietitians & Health Coaches & we also have Personal Trainers & a private studio gym. Our focus is on providing realistic nutrition, exercise & lifestyle advice in a supportive, caring & non-judgmental environment. 

We believe that food & exercise should be healthy & enjoyable, & we pride ourselves on offering nutrition & fitness solutions that can easily be adjusted to fit your lifestyle.

Our Nutritionists provide information that is evidence-based & unbiased - we have no association with any large corporation, company or government organisation.  

For more information ph (02) 6652 7529 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..      

Our services: 

  • nutrition therapy for medical conditions (adults & children) 
  • specialist advice regarding IBS & the low FODMAP diet                                        
  • health & wellness coaching                                                 
  • weight management
  • sports nutrition
  • one-on-one personal training & couples training
  • AlterG anti-gravity treadmill (uses NASA technology to enable pain-free walking & running)




10 Reasons to choose Coffs Coast Nutrition

1. Personalised advice tailored to YOU.

2. Heaps of support & motivation.

3. Nutrition advice: in person / phone / email.

4. Health & wellness programs.  

5. Experts in IBS & the low FODMAP diet.

6. Nutrition therapy for medical conditions.

7. Sports nutrition for optimal performance. 

8. Personal training for all fitness levels.

9. Private studio gym & outdoor sessions. 

10. Medicare & health fund rebates.